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Zane claims second place in national writing competition

Tue, Apr 6th, 2021
Worth School

Congratulations to Year 8 pupil Zane Sekhon whose essay on the subject of ‘Let’s create a world without racism’ won him the runner-up prize in Britain in the Columban Schools’ Competition. The results were released in the lead up to the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21 March 2021.

This was the fourth of the Columban competitions and was the most popular to date. Racism was chosen as a topic by the Columbans after many young people joined street protests on Black Lives Matter last summer.

A review in the Tablet said that Zane: “bravely offered insight into different forms of racism, particularly the casual racism that many people may not consider when they claim not to be racist. Describing himself as ‘an average kid’, he pointed out that he loves India as his cricket team ‘like it’s a guilty secret’ and loves England because ‘it’s his home’. He also pointed out that he loves his Catholic school and his Muslim faith and asks why, if they can co-exist in him and in his daily life, then why can’t they co-exist between people of all cultures and ethnicities?”

You can read the full text of Zane’s essay here.