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Worthian's remarkable journey

Thu, Nov 16th, 2023
Worth School

Adventurer Neil Laughton has been on a remarkable journey since leaving Worth in 1982 and those experiences, including his career in the Army, his entrepreneurial projects and numerous Guinness World Records, are superbly captured in a new book titled Adventureholic.

After leaving Worth, where he was in Chapman House, Neil went on to become a Royal Marines commando, helicopter pilot and Special Forces officer. He subsequently became an entrepreneur, founding a dozen businesses in a variety of industries, and is currently focusing on building floating houses, running the Penny Farthing Club and mentoring business owners.

Neil’s lifelong passion for adventure has led him to organise and lead more than 50 expeditions on seven continents by land, sea and air. From summiting Mount Everest with Bear Grylls and playing cricket at the Geographic South Pole to piloting the world’s first road-legal flying car on a 10,000km journey across the Sahara Desert to Timbuktu, running with bulls and train-surfing in Myanmar, Adventureholic captures so many great stories.

In a foreword for the book, Bear Grylls OBE said: “Neil is unique. A man who has truly battled to live life to its full capacity, every gritty inch of the way. From the first day I met him in 21 SAS, he has exuded a presence and confidence that is inspiring to be around.

“Whether it has been smashing world records on a penny farthing or on jet skis, crossing deserts in a flying car, serving with the elite or climbing the world’s highest peaks, he has truly grabbed life with both hands.”

Testimonials for the book come from Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE who wrote, “Seriously inspirational!” and Sir Richard Branson who proclaimed, “A wonderful reminder to say ‘yes’ a little more in life.”

Neil Laughton has sent a copy of his book to Worth for current students to read and added a hand-written inscription which says, “To all adventurous book-worms at Worth. Neil Laughton, C’82”.

Adventureholic, published by Whitefox Publishing Ltd, went on sale last month.

Picture shows Neil Laughton (centre) with Bear Grylls and Giles Cardozo during Mission Everest. The second image shows Neil's inscription to current Worth students. Picture used with the permission of Neil Laughton.

Worth likes to keep in touch and hear what former students are up to in their lives, and we run regular articles featuring alumni.

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