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Worthians enjoy online careers talk

Mon, Jan 18th, 2021
Worth School

Recent Worth leavers were able to gain some excellent advice and tips with an online careers coaching talk hosted by the Worth Society last Thursday evening.

Former Worth student James Baybutt, who was in St Bede’s and left in 1999, is now a life coach, careers advisor and recruiter. James, from Parkside Executive, was joined by 14 young Worthians for the online talk, giving them a good overview of the current jobs market, some fantastic tips about how to achieve their optimum career and some much-needed positivity.

The Worth Society is the School’s thriving alumni association that enables former pupils and staff to stay in touch with one another for business and social networking purposes, as well as providing careers advice, support and lifelong guidance.

As the evening was such a success, the Worth Society may organise another in the not too distant future.