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Worthian writes landmark book

Thu, Apr 18th, 2024
Worth School

Andrew Caillard is one of the most authoritative wine experts in Australia, a central figure who has been shaping that nation’s fine wine agenda for more than 40 years. The Worthian’s latest book is a landmark history of the wine industry and its people from 1788 to the present day.

Upon leaving Worth in 1978 having been in Chapman House, Andrew headed to Roseworthy Agricultural College in South Australia where he studied winemaking and marketing. A lifelong fascination for the wine industry and the social, economic and political history of Australia was sown through his family heritage (The Reynell family).

In 1993 he passed the rigorous and coveted Master of Wine exam, winning the Madame Bollinger Medal for excellence in wine tasting which Andrew puts down to the “discipline of writing Oxbridge style essays at Worth”, and has gone on to author several wine books.

Although the causes of the English Civil War are far removed from a career in wine, Andrew says that it was his history teacher, Fr Bernard Moss, who taught him “to write essays with well thought out argument, topped and tailed with solid introductions and conclusions” and these were the foundations of his future life as a writer. He added: “Ultimately the teaching culture and enlightened thinking at Worth (rather than exam grades) were highly influential in shaping my outlooks and values.”

Andrew co-founded the Australian wine auction house Langton’s where he created its definitive Classification of Australian Wine. Over the last 15 years he has worked as a corporate executive and adviser while maintaining a role as an international wine judge and working as a freelance writer, author, filmmaker (Red Obsession and Blind Ambition) and painter.

Described as an “extraordinary achievement” and a “masterpiece” by industry insiders, his new book The Australian Ark covers 1,762 pages across three volumes with 1,200+ illustrations. At half a million words and weighing in at 5.3 kilograms, it promises to help reshape Australia’s fine wine ambitions.

Andrew said: “This is a very different type of wine book. It’s really a history of Australia through the prism of wine and viticulture. Although there are tragic stories, many told in these volumes, ultimately, we should be proud of our forefathers (and mothers) and Australia’s achievements as today we are making some of the greatest and most beautiful wines in the world.”

The Australian Ark is available to purchase from the Academie du Vin Library Shop.

Worth likes to keep in touch with former students and regularly runs stories about their progress.

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