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Worth taught me an ability to adapt

Mon, Apr 3rd, 2023
Worth School

Former Worth student Andy Scanlon has spoken about how an ability to adapt installed in him during his time at the School has helped him establish a successful business career. Read more in our latest ‘Alumni in the News’ article ...

Andy Scanlon is on a mission to bring the biggest and best virtual reality gaming to the UK with plans to launch the largest VR venue in the world in Birmingham this summer and, in his words, “is only just getting started…”

Since leaving Worth in 2009, Andy spent close to a decade in the finance sector and, after completing a Masters from Cass Business School, moved to Singapore where he first visited a Sandbox VR venue. Andy, who was in Butler House at Worth, said: “Sandbox VR at the time was a young location-based virtual reality company that offered shared VR experiences exclusively at their venues. That seminal experience was so entertaining that I set my goal to bring Sandbox VR to the UK amd Ireland and build it into a leading entertainment brand.”

Andy’s company acquired the exclusive franchise rights for Sandbox VR in the UK and Ireland in 2021 and launched their first venue in Covent Garden in July 2022. Since then they have welcomed more than 35,000 guests and cemented their position as a new leader in the UK’s burgeoning competitive socialising landscape. They will be launching venues in Birmingham and Dublin this year with Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool scheduled for 2024.

Andy said: “With any entrepreneur, the one trait I would say is most critical to success is ‘versatility’. Every day brings a variety of challenges and opportunities, and the ability to adapt can be the difference between success and failure.

“My time at Worth introduced and encouraged the pursuit of academia, sports, arts and leadership commensurately, which fostered an innate sense of confidence in my ability to adapt. This has immeasurably impacted my ability to manage a company with over 40 employees and tens of thousands of customers, and will continue to support me as we grow into a leading entertainment company in the years to come.”

Congratulations Andy on what you have achieved in your career so far.

For some Easter holiday entertainment ideas from Andy click here.

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