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Worth supports second African school

Thu, Feb 2nd, 2023
Worth School

For the past five years Worth has been supporting a school in Liberia, providing a daily meal to every child attending school through the charity Mary’s Meals.

Since establishing a partnership with Mary’s Meals as one of our flagship school charities in 2017, the Worth community has raised a staggering £42,798 for the Farsee Korma Public School in Liberia and this fundraising means the 223 children who go to that school get at least one nourishing meal every day alongside their education.

Thanks to the generosity of the Worth community we are now supporting a second school through Mary’s Meals which is the Mwandakwisano School in Zambia, where there are 372 students. This is in addition to Farsee Korma.

Fundraising to date has been through whole school events, such as a collection at Speech Day, as well as Mary’s Meals being the House charity for the girls in St Mary’s.

Mary’s Meals runs programmes in 19 countries where poverty and hunger often prevent children from gaining an education. By providing children with one meal every day they attend school, the charity offers young people hope and, through education, a possible route out of poverty.

While we have already raised enough to cover the whole of the academic year at Farsee Korma, we need to raise another £2,687 to reach our fundraising goal for the Mwandakwisano School which would ensure every child gets a meal every day they attend school.

If you can help, please go click here.

Thank you to everyone in the Worth community who has helped with this fundraising to date.