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Worth School prefects 2024-25

Wed, Jun 5th, 2024
Worth School

Worth School’s Prefects for the 2024-25 academic year were announced on Speech Day.

Ninety Year 12 students took part in the Worth Leadership Formation course, which they have to complete if they want to be considered for any positions of responsibility within the School. The aim of the course is to form students in leadership, as well as showing them how faith connects to leadership. Students can take this course even if they do not intend to apply for prefect roles.

The course includes talks from a number of external speakers and at the end of the course students have to produce a portfolio including a 1,500-word reflection on aspects of servant leadership, a cover letter and a CV.

Our senior prefects for 2024-25 are – Head Girl: Giada Ferrario; Head Boy: Felix Bateman-Champain; Deputy Head Girl: Charlotte Wong; Deputy Head Boy: Louis Montagnon.

School Prefects: Emma B; Fraser B; George M; Leo L; Marie vdG; Stephen U; Carl H; Eden M; Cillian M; Amelie vG; Ben P; Kirsten M; Jack F; Isaure M.

Heads of Houses – St Anne’s: Miranda B; St Bede’s: Ryunosuke S; Butler: Tate W; St Catherine’s: Libby M; Chapman: Dante M; Farwell: Edward G; Gervase: Will B; Rutherford: Daniel R; St Mary’s Sixth: Emilie R.

Prefects With Particular Areas of Responsibility – Co-Curriculum and Sport Prefects: Lily T; Ewan M; Louisa G; Jacob F. Chaplaincy (Forerunner) Prefects: Victoria I; Thomas T; Anna P; Charlotte W; Louis M. Academic Prefects: Olivia NB; Jakub K. Music Prefects: Alice BJ; Laragh R. Drama Prefects: Harry M; Lilya H. Debating Prefects: Olivia O; Robert H. Pastoral Prefects: Annabelle B; Tino M. St Mary’s Middles Prefects: Sally N; Ségolène D. Austin House Prefects: Jaslyn C; Max H; Isabel H.

Congratulations to everyone on their appointments to leadership roles.

Here is a selection of pictures of some of our new prefects collecting their ties.

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