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Worth School prefects 2023-24

Tue, Jun 6th, 2023
Worth School

Congratulations to our new prefects for the 2023-24 academic year who were formally announced at Speech Day.

About 90 Year 12 students took part in the Leadership Formation course, which they needed to complete to be eligible for any prefect role. The course started in September and included a number of motivational talks on servant leadership, including speeches by Major James Lewis, Dr Sebastian Bailey and Alexander McLean.

Students also needed to complete a presentation which could be in the form of an essay and those wishing to be considered for a prefect role then had an interview. The course, which encouraged good leadership, was beneficial to all students who took part, whether they applied for a prefect position or not.

Well done to everyone who was part of it. Prefects for the 2023-24 academic year are as follows:

Head Girl: Gigi DJ; Head Boy: Guilhem DL; Deputy Head Girl: Jessica H; Deputy Head Boy: David B.

School Prefects: Veronika A, Faolan B, Jason B, Nicholas DGR, Luke E, Jack G, Charlotta GVM, Lulu P, Viktoria P, Amelie S, Jessica S, Matthew S.

Heads of Houses – St Anne’s: Libby H; St Bede’s: Luke E; St Catherine’s: Faye M; Chapman: Misha H; Farwell: Tom H; Gervase: Berty G; Rutherford: Corrado N; St Mary’s Sixth: Victoire C.

Prefects With Particular Areas of Responsibility – Co-Curriculum and Sport Prefects: Artemus M, Jack G, Faye M, Emma W; Chaplaincy Prefects: David B, Mariella VM, Jason B, Sophie C; Academic Prefects: Freya H, Johanna F, Jan S, Isaac MS; Music Prefects: Grace C, Stephan M; Drama Prefects: Misha H, Izzy M; Debating Prefect: Tom H; Pastoral Prefects: Victoire C, Teddy S, Lara B; St Mary’s Middles Prefect: Fiammetta FR; Austin House Prefects: Billy GM, Camilla A.

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