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Worth School Prefects 2021-22

Fri, Jul 2nd, 2021
Worth School

Worth School’s Prefects for the 2021-22 academic year were announced before the end of term.

Congratulations are offered to all the following students on attaining their respective positions.

The 2021-22 Worth School prefects are – Senior Prefects: Head Girl: Anna Riley; Head Boy: Christopher Ritchie; Deputy Head Girl: Paulina Aries; Deputy Head Boy: Murdo Dutton.

School Prefects – Head of St Anne’s: Suzanna K; Head of St Catherine’s: Emilia M; Head of St Mary’s Sixth: Adaeze O; Head of St Bede’s: Tommy W; Head of Butler: Charlie R; Head of Chapman: Oliver H; Head of Farwell: William R; Head of Rutherford: Murdo D; Head of Gervase: Charles D.

Prefects with particular areas of responsibility – Co-Curriculum and Sport Prefects: Emily M, William S; Chaplaincy Prefects: Theophane D, Caleb T, Helena L, Lily C; Academic Prefects: Jan Patrick T, Rhoslyn S, Benedict L, Sebastian T; Music Prefects: Tobias B, Henry B; Drama Prefect: Frederick GS; Pastoral Prefects: Henry W, Sophia M; St Mary’s Middles Prefect: Caterina B; Austin House Prefects: Oliver R, Alice G.