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Worth offers ‘a unique experience’

Thu, Apr 20th, 2023
Worth School

“I realised quite quickly how unique Worth is in the experience it offers to students,” says Daniel Williamson, who is one of the Forerunners at the School.

The Forerunners are a team of youth ministers who work closely with pupils on their journey through Worth. In our latest ‘Meet the Forerunners’ feature, we ask Daniel what drew him to Worth, what the Forerunners do and why their work is so important.

What attracted you to Worth? In all honesty, I didn’t know much about Worth when I got the job here. I was drawn to working as a Forerunner because I have always had a heart for working with young people and helping them to journey through life as a teenager, as well as helping them to navigate their faith. From my own experience I know how difficult this time can be, especially during the GCSE and A Level years. I wanted to be able give students the help I know I needed when I was their age. I realised quite quickly how unique Worth is in the experience it offers to students, encouraging them to explore all the questions they have about life. There are few places quite like it.

Where were you before you came to Worth? Before coming to Worth I was at the University of Sussex studying music technology. I really enjoyed my time there and still occasionally record and write music. But whilst I was at university, God became a progressively bigger part of my life. I spent a lot of my time helping on different teams at St Peter’s Church and in my final year I had felt more of a calling toward Christian ministry than the music industry.

What do you do within the Forerunners team? Within the Forerunner team I’m responsible for planning the Oasis sessions for Years 8 and 9. These sessions are invitational in nature and I try to make sure they are exciting for students. They tend to focus on hospitality, which we provide through games and snacks, and encourage the students to discuss the questions they have about faith. I’m also the designated Forerunner for Gervase and Farwell. I often do an invitational Bible study session with Gervase on Thursday evenings for students who want to grow in their faith, which is open to any students who want to come along.

Why is the work of the Forerunners important? I think the work we do as Forerunners is important because between us we have a huge range of stories and life experiences, and are quite a young team, so we all remember what school was like for us. We each have lots of stories of how we have seen God move in our lives and transformed us in different ways, and we want to create a space for students who also want to experience God.

What is your best moment of the week? My favourite part of the week is when I get to spend time with individuals or small groups in Houses or in the Chaplaincy. It is always valuable time and I enjoy just having conversations with students about whatever is on their mind.

Tell me something interesting about yourself ... Being quite a creative person, I’m currently learning how to video edit. I’ve barely started but I’m excited to try to learn a new skill. I also really enjoy writing, as well as running, and last year did my first marathon and half iron-man triathlon. 

In three quick soundbites, how do the Forerunners help students: We are here for every student; we understand how difficult life can be and we are here to support students in their faith.

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