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Worth feeds Zambian school for a whole year

Wed, Feb 21st, 2024
Worth School

Thanks to the Worth community all 376 children at the Mwandakwisano Primary School in Zambia received a meal every day they attended school last year through the Mary’s Meals feeding programme.

Worth School has been working with Mary’s Meals since 2017. The charity currently provides meals to 2,429,182 children in 18 of the poorest countries across the globe and their mission is to break the link between poverty and a lack of education, ensuring no child goes hungry in this world of plenty.

Worth has been supporting the Farsee Korma Public School in Liberia for the past seven years and last year we raised enough money to help feed a second school, Mwandakwisano Primary School, which is attended by 199 boys and 177 girls.

Student Florence has sent this message to the Worth community: “In the past, before the porridge we get now, I would try to go back home to look for food then come back to class. But it was hard to come back to school because of the distance and, in other instances, I would find there is no food. I couldn’t go back to school hungry. When I eat the porridge, I feel energetic and do not doze.”

Teacher Aaron Banda said: “I recently transferred from a school that had no school feeding programme. That school is different from here, learners don’t leave school before knock-off time, they stay on even after class is over. The children’s attendance is good, the performance of the learners is high.”

While Mwandakwisano will continue to be supported by Mary’s Meals, Worth has taken on supporting a different school in Zambia for 2023-24, the Chibale School which has 218 children, as well as continuing to support Farsee Korma in Liberia.

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