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Worth celebrates International Women's Day

Mon, Mar 8th, 2021
Worth School

Who is your female role model? To celebrate International Women’s Day we have asked our senior prefects to name an inspirational woman and why they have chosen that person.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Held on 8 March every year since 1909, it is an important day on the calendar so we asked our senior prefects to take a lead by naming their female role model. This is who they chose and why:

Head Girl Rania: Katherine Johnson – one of the first African American women to work for NASA and an extremely talented mathematician. She figured out paths for spacecraft to orbit the Earth and how to send astronauts to the Moon and back. NASA could not have completed the missions without Katherine and her work.

Head Boy Caspar: Waris Dirie – a Somali model, actress and activist who was able to escape the terrors in her home country and start her inspiring journey in Europe.

Deputy Head Girl Ciara: Meena Keshwar Kamal – a feminist activist from Pakistan. She has become an icon to me as she devoted her life in order for the world to hear the lost voices of women and refugees. In a society so desensitised to the refugee crisis, Kamal’s compassion sets her aside, setting up groups and facilities for Afghans in order for them to restore their lives.

Deputy Head Boy Jacob: Esther Duflo – the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, I have chosen her because of her determination to improve the world.

On the School’s Facebook and Twitter accounts we have invited members of the Worth community to post the name of their own female role model.