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Wellbeing Boost Challenge for pupils

Thu, Feb 4th, 2021
Worth School

To mark Children’s Mental Health Week Worth pupils have this week been offered a Wellbeing Boost Challenge.

Pupils have been asked to pick five things from a list of 20 challenges and then tell their tutor which one boosted their wellbeing the most.

The 20 options include: getting up early to watch the sunrise; going for a run, collecting a leaf, stone, flower or twig at the farthest point and bringing it home; talking to an older relative about what they enjoyed the most when they were young; completing random acts of kindness; giving at least one compliment to another person every day; taking a day off social media; watching a film that makes you laugh; challenging yourself to achieve your best ever score in the subject you find toughest; at the end of each day writing down three things you are grateful for.