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Worth School

Worth is a 7-day-a-week full boarding school.

Our exciting weekend timetable opens up a huge range of opportunities for both boarders and day pupils and also underlines our commitment to being a 7-day-a-week boarding school, now increasingly unusual in South East England.

Watch the video above for more about weekends at Worth.

The co-curricular programme at Worth perfectly complements the Monday to Friday academic timetable, ensuring a measured pace to the week. In addition to the exciting opportunities at weekends, there are also plenty of options for weekday evening activities which allow further interaction between boarding and day pupils outside of lesson time.

The majority of pupils in the senior school are boarders, and all the boarders in the boarding houses are full, not flexible or weekly, boarders. About ⅓ of pupils come from overseas, primarily from EU countries, and a handful from across the rest of the world, with over 20 nationalities represented in the School. UK-based boarders come from London and from across the South East, and some from further afield.

Some weekends are ‘closed’, with all boarders expected to remain in the School at the weekend. Others are ‘open’ but it is the norm that the majority of boarders remain in the School on Saturdays and Sundays.

For the current weekends and evenings programme for boarders click here.

The social development of pupils is excellent. The pupils have ample opportunities to work together in class, in activities and in houses where they organise social and charitable events. ISI Inspection Report