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A week in Modern Foreign Languages

Mon, Jan 25th, 2021
Worth School

From ‘visiting’ the famous Boqueria market to reading roles from a German play and training brains by playing ‘Just a minute’, pupils studying languages at Worth have had a fun and busy week of online learning.

Here, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Mrs Sarah Flint, gives a flavour of what her department is currently teaching ...

Year 7 are introducing and describing their pets to each other – an unexpected benefit of online learning is that they will see them in 3D reality rather than just a photograph! Year 8 French are learning to tell the time and will be teaching someone in their family how to do the same.

Year 9 Spanish are learning about food, taking a virtual tour of the famous Boqueria market. Year 9 in all languages are completing assessments this week then will embark on the new topic of ‘Languages at Work’ to help them make informed choices in their upcoming GCSE Options event.

Year 10 in all languages are making excellent progress through their GCSE course, supported in their studies by online resources such as ‘Kerboodle’ and ‘All-in’ – a new website we recently invested in which has an exciting range of activities to both support and challenge pupils with all of their language skills.

Year 11 French finished their unit on ‘Holidays’ by producing tourist guides to a recommended location and are now embarking on the final unit of the course: School, College and Future Plans. Year 11 Spanish played an online escape room to do some grammar practice. Many Year 11 are taking advantage of the additional revision sessions in French, German and Spanish running on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Year 12 Spanish are working on a project about La Alhambra in Granada (pictured), whetting everyone’s appetites for travel plans in 2021 and beyond. Year 12 German have been studying articles and short video clips on life in the former GDR and particularly on the practices of the Stasi to support the study of the film ‘Das Leben der Anderen’. Year 12 IB have embarked on the topic of multiculturalism in Berlin, including the historical events surrounding the building and fall of the Berlin Wall. Year 12 A level French completed their study of ‘Au-revoir les enfants’ last term and Year 12 IB continue the study of the film ‘of ‘Oscar et la Dame Rose’ which has us laughing and crying in equal measure.

Speaking practice is underway for all Year 13 pupils, some of whom have been playing ‘Just a minute’ to train their brains to formulate opinions and recall impressive vocabulary under pressure in preparation for mock orals next month. The prep of a Year 13 student of French received over 10,000 views on TikTok! This was a visual representation of the final chapters of the A Level text ‘No et moi’ by Dephine de Vigan. Year 13 IB Spanish students lead the lesson by preparing exam-type exercises to teach Hispanic art to their peers. Year 13 IB German are reading the play ‘Nathan der Weise’ in different roles whilst being in Google meet and watching specific scenes of the play together. Year 12 IB German A have done some wonderful presentations on the current work in translation.

Some of our French students are working towards the DELF diploma (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française). This is an official French language proficiency qualification awarded by the French Ministry of Education.

Finally, one of our Year 9 pupils studying Mandarin as a beginner is enjoying preparing to take part in the ‘Mandarin Speaking Competition’ organised by the British Council this year. Good luck! Zhù hǎo yùn!