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Values shine through

Thu, Jun 15th, 2023
Worth School

Awards were presented to Junior School pupils this week to acknowledge those who exemplify the School’s values in their everyday lives.

Certificates were handed out at an Austin House awards assembly on Monday, which was attended by Mr Mark Macdonald, Assistant Head (Pastoral). Worth has six core values which shape the way we live our lives and we believe these values are fundamental to the formation of who we become.

The values are: humility, silence, worship, community, stewardship, service.

Also at the awards ceremony, captains and prefects were recognised for their contributions this year and the Abbot League competition winners were announced. There was also a presentation from one of the pupils on Afghanistan, her home country.

Austin Housemistress Mrs Anna MacMahon said: “We are proud to be a values-led School and House, and pupils are recognised bi-annually in House assemblies for exemplifying the six values. The values are the golden thread that run through everything we do and it is wonderful to see examples of these values being lived out each and every day. Thank you to all the Austin pupils.”

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