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A unique boarding experience

Mon, Nov 27th, 2023
Worth School

A new appointment is helping to take the boarding experience for Worth students to a new level.

Ahead of the 2023-24 academic year, Gervase Housemaster Mr Alick Macleod took on the newly-created role of Head of Boarding, overseeing the weekend programme for boys and girls living on campus during term time.

Worth offers a broad-ranging weekend programme, including activities on Friday nights, Saturday mornings, Saturday evenings and Sundays. The idea is for our students to make the most of their downtime from academic studies while also strengthening friendships with their peers.

With a particular emphasis on Saturday evenings, Mr Macleod has put together a varied programme of events which includes quiz nights, Sixth Form dinners and a black tie casino night. The programme caters for all year groups each weekend, whether it is an event for all or different events for specific year groups.

Mr Macleod said: “I want to ensure boarders have a really good experience at weekends. I aim to offer a programme which makes them want to take part and have fun.

“I have taught in different countries – China, Kazakhstan and South Korea – and I like to think I can empathise with some of the challenges that our students face living away from home and work to overcome them.”

Part of Mr Macleod’s strategy is to involve the students in choosing what they want to do. He said: “I chair the Boarders Weekend Committee where we discuss ideas and where we can we get students leading events. The students have taken the initiative to lead a pub quiz, Christmas dinner and indoor games night. For some of the IB students this has also counted towards their CAS programmes. It is about giving the boarders responsibility but also the opportunity to do things they want to do.

“Looking forward, we have plans to run a Chinese New Year event and a Summer Term Eurovision Song Contest party. We want the boarding experience to be rooted in British culture but also celebrating the immense diversity and difference we have among our boarding community.”

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