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Understanding the world of the digital natives

Tue, May 25th, 2021
Worth School

Parents attended an online seminar with Ms Chamberlain, Deputy Head (Pastoral) on Saturday morning to explore the world of the ‘digital natives’ (people born after 1995).

People born after 1980 are classed as ‘digital immigrants’ who may be very familiar with parts of the digital world but were not born into it. The ‘Teenagers in the Digital World’ talk covered a broad range of topics from Tik Tok and Snapchat through to privacy, screen time and catfishing.

The seminar finished with the findings of a recent online survey conducted with Worth students which revealed, amongst many other things, that 14% of pupils who responded are more worried about their parents’ use of the internet than they think their parents worry about theirs. However, 73% of pupils who responded still say that they rely on their parents to learn about how to stay safe online.

There will be further parent seminars with Ms Chamberlain in the Autumn Term.

Ms Chamberlain’s seminar slides can be seen here.