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Tutors & Support

Worth School

Regular tutor meetings are central to life at worth.

Tutoring is central to life at Worth. All pupils in all year groups, from ages 11-18, will see their personal tutors at least twice a week, and very often more than this. Tutors oversee their tutees’ academic and co-curricular progress, celebrating successes and intervening where further support is needed. Tutors ensure that interventions are purposeful, positive and timely if a pupil is not progressing as expected, and tutors help at all key decision points in close liaison with House staff, teachers, parents and guardians.

Regular assessments and pupil progress meetings encourage tutors and teachers to share information about pupil performance, and regular academic reporting enables tutors, parents and pupils to monitor pupil development. Much of the work of the tutor goes on quietly behind the scenes – a conversation about a pupil with a colleague, a phone call to parents before a difficulty becomes a problem or a personal word of congratulation.

Tutors also monitor each pupil’s co-curricular involvement through their Pupil Development Portfolio to ensure that the boys and girls are following a well-rounded programme of activities suited to their interests and talents, and so that by the time a pupil reaches the Sixth Form they will have developed a substantial record of varied and meaningful experiences on which to build an impressive personal statement for university applications or other purposes.

Learning support

Worth aims to equip all pupils with the skills needed to feel comfortable and to study confidently in the school environment. We recognise that all pupils have areas of strength and all have areas where support is needed. In order to meet the mild learning needs of those who require specialist support for either the entirety of their academic career or for part of it, the School offers both small group and one-to-one teaching as appropriate. Support is taught by suitably qualified specialist staff and provision is reviewed on a termly basis. Charges apply for learning support and are available upon request.

My tutor was fantastic. The support she offered me throughout the year ensured that I walked into my exams fully prepared. When my results came through, I had achieved the equivalent of 11 A*s.