Pastoral care at Worth has an excellent reputation. This is because each child has the care of a team of professionals, amongst whom the tutor is especially important. Tutoring goes beyond being a mere 'job' and the tutor will work tirelessly for the good of the pupil in all aspects of their life at Worth.

A tutor will often be the first port of call for parents or pupils, especially with regard to academic matters. A tutor will be both counsellor and advisor, someone who challenges, the friendly face of authority, a mentor, a negotiator and an advocate for their tutee with other members of staff.

A tutor gives considerable time and effort to the role, helping the pupil to bring their life into balance so that they can benefit from the fullness of the educational experience at Worth.

It is part of the role of a tutor to monitor a pupil’s academic and social progress, their preps, their co-curricular involvement and to set ambitious but realistic targets. Tutors will write regular reports and maintain detailed records of their tutees. Another important aspect of the role is to deliver the Social, Moral and Spiritual Education course to their small group of tutees, furthering the development of a pupil’s confidence and self-understanding alongside study and social skills.

The tutors at Worth are responsible to their Housemasters or Housemistresses, attending regular team meetings and also maintaining regular contact with the Heads of Year.

Lastly the ‘Tutor Outing’, or even ‘Inning’, is a cherished annual tradition, and a chance to get to know your tutor in a fun and informal setting.

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