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Trip is a fascinating insight for pupils

Wed, May 1st, 2024
Worth School

Worth ran an excellent Computer Science trip to Bletchley Park last week, which was also an opportunity to remind pupils about the School’s own unique role in Second World War history.

Year 8 and some Year 10 pupils went on a day trip last Friday to Bletchley Park, a place that became the principal centre of Allied code-breaking during the Second World War.

This was the first time Worth had run this trip and it gave the pupils a fascinating insight into how the team at Bletchley Park devised automatic machinery to help with decryption, culminating in the development of Colossus, the world’s first programmable digital electronic computer.

During the Second World War, Canadian troops were stationed at Worth where the D-Day landings were planned. When troops left Worth for the Normandy landings in the Spring of 1944, top secret intelligence documents, plans for the invasion, aerial reconnaissance photographs and maps of French coastal towns should have been destroyed but a box full of these was discovered by chance in the 1990s in a walk-in safe room behind panelling somewhere near the Head Master’s office.

Thank you to Mrs Hood for organising the trip and accompanied staff for their kind support. 

Computer Science is offered at Worth as both a GCSE and A Level option.

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