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Super Science projects

Mon, Jun 24th, 2024
Worth School

Congratulations to the winner and runners-up of this year’s Year 9 Science independent project where pupils are asked to research an area of science that interests them.

This competition was introduced to challenge Year 9 pupils and is now an established part of our Science curriculum. It begins in the Autumn Term and needs to be completed by the end of the Lent Term, with pupils choosing subjects ranging from looking into the best nutrition for pets to the development of Formula One cars.

Once again this year our Year 9 pupils rose to the task and many were rewarded for their excellent work by receiving academic reward postcards sent home. There were four outstanding projects that were commended in our school academic assembly last week. The overall winner was a superb investigation and research project on ‘how does pH affect the soil when growing a plant’. Three other pupils were awarded runner-up prises for their work on the following projects: the brain and related disorders; spin, circular and elliptical motions, and their applications; and how do birds fly.

Well to all of our Year 9 pupils on their excellent projects produced through their independent work and effort this year.

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