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Students visit Westminster

Thu, Oct 13th, 2022
Worth School

Politics students in Years 12 and 13 enjoyed a fascinating day in Westminster.

Students took the train to Victoria and walked to Portcullis House, via Buckingham Palace and the Supreme Court, to meet Henry Smith MP. The Crawley MP was very generous with his time and led a personal tour of parliament. Afterwards, pupils visited Westminster Abbey and the Ministry of Defence to complement their studies of UK and USA government and politics.

Year 13 student Max gave this account of the day:

“Our first stop was the Houses of Parliament where we were shown around by Henry Smith, MP of Crawley. Visiting this institution was surreal, a place where for hundreds of years political debates and the enforcement of legislation has been based.

“One thing which surprised me and everyone else on the trip was how small the House of Commons really was – seeing it on television is very different from actually seeing it in person. During our tour we took it as an opportunity to ask Henry Smith questions about the political life-style, the pressures, the up and downs.

“After touring Westminster, we made our way through the political hub of London to the Ministry of Defence. As expected, it was a fortress with security everywhere, definitely an experience to remember. During our short time in the Ministry of Defence we were given a talk by an Worthian, Toby Rumford, who spoke about what actually happens in the Ministry, what it’s like to work there as well as what being a civil servant entails, which we found intriguing.

“Overall, our outing to Parliament and the Ministry of Defence was very enjoyable, being able to see where and how our country runs.”

Our pictures show our students with Henry Smith MP, at the Ministry of Defence with Toby Rumford and outside Buckingham Palace.

Every year pupils at Worth take part in a wide variety of trips and visits, both in this country and abroad, to support educational development.

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