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Students take on egg parenting

Mon, Jun 17th, 2024
Worth School

Year 12 A Level Psychology students have been taking part in an egg parenting experiment as the practical aspect of work they are doing on ‘attachment relationships’.

The idea of the experiment is to study parental feelings, looking at stimulation, care and protection. One of the students involved has written this account of this experiment …

The Year 12 A level Psychology students needed to be egg-stremely careful before and during half term as they learnt about attachment.

To help with the understanding of attachment, each student was given a raw egg. An egg-citing lesson was spent decorating their eggs. From there we learnt about the responsibilities of raising a child and the attachment that is formed between a baby and their parents, even though for us it was only an egg. The eggs were taken to sports day, concerts, to the beach, Chinatown and even a trampoline park. I’m guessing they had a shell of a time!

We each kept a diary of the week which will be used as primary data to allow us to conduct content analysis. All the students managed to keep their eggs alive and well!

Psychology is offered at Worth as A Level and IB Diploma options.

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