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Students get involved with outreach and fundraising

Wed, Feb 14th, 2024
Worth School

A growing number of students are progressing from our Common Good programme to taking an active role in outreach and fundraising with our weekly Mary’s Meals activity.

Mary’s Meals is one of the School’s flagship charities, providing children in impoverished countries one meal every day they attend school.

As part of our broad-ranging activities programme each week, we run a club dedicated to Mary’s Meals, where students learn more about the work the charity does as well as planning ways to raise funds and awareness for the mission of Mary’s Meals.

This year 26 children have decided to join this group, which is a huge increase on last year when it was launched. A lot of those students opted for this activity after taking part in our Common Good programme in Year 9 which encourages servant-hearted leadership.

One student, Monty, told us more about the Common Good programme and why that led to him joining the Mary’s Meals activity. He said: “Common Good is a part of Worth’s carousel programme. It encourages servant-hearted leadership and teaches students to extend their knowledge and change their perspective. It encourages the students to care about what other people may be going through, and it provides an opportunity to take the focus away from yourself and consider someone else’s life.

“Why did that lead me to join the Mary’s Meals activity? There was an introduction to Mary’s Meals, led by Mr Wyles and it made me think that it was something I should really consider. It seemed like an opportunity I hadn’t had before, something I could do to connect with people who might need help.

“I liked the idea that not only could we help people, but we could help them to help themselves, sustainably. Common Good provided me with the time to choose Mary’s Meals and I have really enjoyed giving time to learn about the children’s needs and also practically fundraising for them.”

Through Mary’s Meals it costs just £19.15 to feed a child for a whole school year. Since 2017 and thanks to the remarkable generosity of our Worth community, we have fully supported the Farsee Korma Public School in Liberia, providing a meal through Mary’s Meals for every child in the school for a whole year. Last year, we also managed to fully fund a feeding programme at the Mwandakwisano School in Zambia.

Since first getting involved with Mary’s Meals, we have raised about £45,000 and it is an honour to support such a wonderful charity.

This year we have chosen the Chibale School in Zambia as our second school to support, in addition to Farsee Korma. If you can contribute to our 2023-24 fundraising campaign, please go to: https://www.justgiving.com/page/worth-school-marys-meals