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Students become ambassadors for books

Tue, Oct 6th, 2020
Worth School

Students are playing their part in an innovative scheme to make library resources available across the School by becoming ambassadors for books.

While the Library is out of bounds to some students at present due to Covid-19 restrictions, the School wants to make sure that all students can still access its resources which include 15,000 print books for recreational reading and to support academic studies, in addition to an extensive suite of e-books. Rather than going to the library, books will now be taken to each House.

Under our new scheme, House librarians are being appointed for each of the ten Houses. Students can borrow and return books via their House librarian, who will work closely with the school librarian without anyone having to go into areas of the school which they should not. Each of the House librarians will become an ambassador for books and an added bonus for those who are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is that this will count for their volunteering element. IB students, meanwhile, can earn CAS points.

The scheme includes measures to ensure the health and safety of all students using the service during these times of Covid-19.

Why I became a House librarian …

One Year 10 student said: “One of the reasons I volunteered to be a House librarian was because I love reading and I love the content of the library, and I think everyone should have access to the amazing content of the library. During these times of social distancing, it is good to know that Worth has found a way of allowing the contents of the library to be used by all."