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Student is a STEM ambassador

Tue, Oct 10th, 2023
Worth School

One of our students has combined his love of motorsport with undertaking a tremendous amount of STEM work in the last few months, helping primary school children along the way.

In April Felix Teller, who is in Year 11, and his father were STEM ambassadors at Goodwood for the electric car racing meeting where around 1,000 pupils aged from eight to 18 years old assembled to race the cars they had built. Then in July Felix helped run a ‘Fan Boat’ challenge at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School in Hurstpierpoint, assisting the children with the challenge but also delivering a presentation with his father with a focus on perseverance.

In August Felix worked on the STEM stand at the British Motor Show at Farnborough, where there were more than 60,000 attendees over four days. The theme of the stand was to get younger children to programme a small robotic car to drive a simple track. Leading on from this, Felix was invited to McLaren for an ‘invite-only open day’ where he was able to look around the building and go inside the factory.

STEM is an umbrella term used to group together the distinct but related technical disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Well done to Felix on your achievements.