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Student reflects on amazing experience

Tue, Feb 20th, 2024
Worth School

One of our students has reflected on an amazing experience after finishing 12th out of 50 in the national final of the British Brain Bee competition, which is an international neuroscience competition, and now she is encouraging others to enter the competition.

The Brain Bee is a neurobiological competition where secondary school students can broaden and test their knowledge of how the nervous system, especially the brain, works.

Currently there are more than 60 nations and 50,000 students engaged in this annual competition, which is judged by neuroscientists. Year 12 student Anna Partyka did remarkably well not only to reach the national final but then to finish 12th.

Anna said: “This year’s Brain Bee consisted of three parts: an exam based on a university-level publication called ‘Essential Neuroscience’ by Dr Allan Siegel; a patient diagnosis exam, where with only short video clips, descriptions, and brain scans, we had to diagnose 15 cases of patients with different neurological diseases; and a neuroanatomy and histology test, where we had to identify the part of the brain or nervous system and determine its function when shown a microscopic photo.

“Apart from the competition itself, I also had a great opportunity to chat with other students and professors who, like me, are passionate about neuroscience. I made a lot of friends and got to know much more about the brain from the lectures offered.

“I think the whole experience was an amazing adventure and I would definitely recommend others trying it.”

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