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Student makes prosthetic arm for client

Mon, May 20th, 2024
Worth School

A Year 13 student has completed his A Level project of making a bespoke prosthetic arm which his client has had the opportunity to test out.

Misha Hawksley took on the ambitious project of designing and building a prosthetic arm for a woman who has a limb difference as part of his exam course.

He was determined to create something that would not just comply with the exam requirements but would make a meaningful difference and there was great delight when he presented the client with the arm.

Misha said: “I had to learn quite a few new skills which my teachers helped me with and encouraged me with. I am grateful to them for letting me run with the idea.

“It was fun to learn these new processes and skills. I was very happy when I finished. It was better than I expected and I was so happy to see the client use it.

“The client was so happy and super excited to try it. She used it and it worked perfectly. Her mum and daughter were there and they were blown away.”

Head of Design and Technology, Mr Dan Weaver, said: “Design and Technology is crucial for society, driving innovation and problem-solving. Misha’s effort to create a prosthetic device for his A Level major project highlights the practical impact of this field, aiming to improve someone’s daily life.”

Congratulations to Misha for this excellent project.

Design and Technology is offered as both a GCSE and A Level option at Worth.

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