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A strong message at the start of term

Wed, Jan 10th, 2024
Worth School

Pupils were challenged to recommit to their objectives for the academic year when they came together for the start of the Lent Term today.

In a start of term assembly, Head Master Mr Stuart McPherson said this was an important time for academic studies with mock examinations for certain year groups while Years 11 and 13 continue to prepare for their summer examinations.

Mr McPherson told pupils: “We are meeting today to mark the beginning of the Lent Term and we come together for a mindshift change, which we have to do after a holiday. It is a short term, which is almost over before you know it, and a lot gets crammed into it. All of us, but particularly if you are at the business end in Years 11 and 13, it is important that you grasp the opportunities and challenges from today. Here is a shift you need to make in your head and your practices.

“Last term I asked you to write down your objectives for the year ahead. Today is a good waypoint for you to assess how you are going against your objectives. I ask you to recommit to those plans you made at the beginning of the year.”

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