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St Catherine’s

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St Catherine's

St Catherine’s Day House seeks to provide a safe environment that upholds and actively promotes service, challenge and the development of every pupil’s full potential; where each girl feels welcomed into a happy and secure community and is loved and recognised each and every day. Amongst pupils and House staff alike, we actively promote an environment where respect and dignity for all is both given and received and for St Catherine’s girls to securely know that their happiness and holistic development is as much a priority as their academic success.

Our House patron Saint, St Catherine of Siena, was a Dominican nun and mystic who lived in 14th century Italy. St Catherine of Siena so famously said, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”. These words epitomise the spirit within St Catherine’s where individuality is welcomed as part of our community and makes us a stronger, more diverse House. The students have a variety of talents and the aim of the House environment is to identify those skills and hone them over their time here.

The Sixth Form have dedicated rooms and study space as well as a social area and kitchen to which they can also invite friends. The Sixth Form help mentor the younger years and feel it is a privilege to do so. The younger year groups have communal spaces where they can eat lunch or meet friends during break times. There is also a quieter study area for Year 11 to provide the appropriate environment for study.

The Housemistress of St Catherine’s is Mrs Jo Harvey-Barnes (pictured) who started her post in September 2019 and is also Head of Netball. Her deputy, starting in September 2023, is Miss Amahlia Parkinson. Having worked as a Forerunner within the School for the last two years, Miss Parkinson is well known by the girls and is excited for her new role within the House, as well as teaching in the RS and Games departments. There is also a House matron, tutor team and a House Chaplain.

Benedictine values underpin how the House is run and our community is positive and reflective in its behaviour. All the students are expected to add value to the House whether that be in the form of working with the charity group, being a part of the many House competitions across sport, music and debating or assisting matron and the House staff when required. Everybody has a chance to shine and find their own path. Our spiritual side is explored with the help of the Forerunners group who work with the girls twice a week.

St Catherine's
St Catherine's
St Catherine's