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St Anne’s

Worth School
St Anne's

St Anne’s House is named after the mother of the Virgin Mary and prides itself on providing an inclusive, warm environment in which young women can flourish academically, socially and spiritually.

In House, we strive to emulate the Rule of St Benedict. Our House motto is ‘Gratiam et Sapientiam’ (Grace and Wisdom); ideals which we try to cultivate in light of Hildegard von Bingen’s ‘viriditas’ – the light and truth of God’s love which grows surely and joyfully within each of us as individuals, as part of the Worth community and as global citizens.

St Anne’s is structured along Benedictine lines, with senior girls assuming roles vital to the smooth running of our daily structure: Head of House, Deputy Head of House, Junior Prioress, Novice Mistress, Sacristan, Cellarer, Almoner, Hosteller, Guest Mistress, Games Mistress, Preceptor and Lead Cantor. Each of these roles fosters a sense of fellowship and collegiate responsibility within the House, and provides opportunities for the girls to contribute to the daily running of the House and the organisation of intra- and extra-curricular events while honing their outward-facing social skills in helping to organise events for parents and guests.

The Housemistress is Mrs Siobhan Isaacs (pictured), Deputy Housemistress is Mrs Catherine Latham and they are supported by a House Chaplain.

All of the girls in the House belong to their Year’s common room where they can both study and socialise. Pupils have access to computers at their common room desk, and the House also has televisions.

Years 12 and 13 have smaller study rooms, each shared by two to five students. A Sixth Form common room with a television and kitchen is also provided for that all-important down time.

Like the other day houses, St Anne’s pupils are welcome in the house until 6.15pm, allowing girls to stay in and take part in a range of after-school activities such as dance, orchestra, study and lecture seminars and drama productions. Girls may choose to remain in school in the evening in order to complete their prep in the library.

The girls also take part in inter-school ‘House’ competitions in a wide variety of areas from Sport to Music, and Debating, which are fantastic ways to encourage House spirit and give the girls something fun to look forward to.

St Anne's
St Anne's
St Anne's