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From the Sistine Chapel to Sussex

Thu, Feb 4th, 2016
Worth School

Former Worth School pupil Mark Spyropoulos has recently become the first English singer since the Reformation to be awarded a contract with the Sistine Chapel Choir and on 14th January he was back at Worth coaching the current members of his old School choir. 

Mark joined Director of Music Michael Oakley in delivering a session for the full choir which focused on singing polyphony (music in many parts) sung in Latin, including the most famous of all Sistine Chapel music, the Miserere by Gregorio Allegri. Later he spent time with the Schola, a sub-group of the choir, working on more intricate repertoire and plainsong.

Michael Oakley was very pleased to welcome Mark back to Worth and said, “Mark was always a true enthusiast as well as a potentially fine musician.  He has gone on to sing in many different places, though obviously the Capella Sistina is a unique experience. The students have loved working with him, feeding off his energy and experience. Mark is a great example of where music can take you!”