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Scottish missionary to digital missionaries

Tue, Apr 16th, 2024
Worth School

Former Worth student Dr Daniel Grace is to follow in the footsteps of famous Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone.

Daniel, who was in Farwell House and left in 2005, will be part of a planned pioneering expedition later this year to revisit Livingstone’s historic expeditions to Africa. The trip will focus on investigating contemporary disease epidemiology and the challenges associated with healthcare accessibility in Zambia and Malawi, as well as helping to improve health inequalities.

Daniel said: “Service and dedication to improving the lives of others is something that is obviously well aligned to the values I developed whilst at Worth.”

The aims of the ‘Livingstone Revisited 2024 Expedition’ are to travel to remote rural locations to visit clinics with no internet access to bring them online; focus on health promotion, particularly looking at the prevalence and management of snake bites; supply solar lanterns and chargers to clinics to ensure ongoing power during outages; and to look at how simple strategies can improve outcomes of major trauma and accidents. This will be combined with visiting key historical landmarks from Livingstone’s journeys.

Daniel won acclaim as a GP during the Covid crises for his role as an event and expedition doctor, but perhaps more specifically for his work with Virtual Doctors, an organisation providing advice to rural clinics and hospitals in Zambia and Malawi via smartphone.

His 2024 expedition will bridge the past and the present and hopefully make a real difference to healthcare in Zambia and Malawi. You can support the expedition by clicking here.

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