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Science projects challenge thinking

Wed, Jan 3rd, 2024
Worth School

How do homing pigeons find their way home? That is one example of a topic pupils could research into in order to enhance their understanding of science.

At the end of the Autumn Term, all pupils in Year 9 were given a talk about their ‘Independent Learning Project’ which they must undertake at home this term. Pupils were asked to choose a Science topic that interests them, do some research into that topic and then write a report on their findings.

Mrs Frances Baily, Head of Physics, asked pupils to narrow down their choice of topic to a particular area. For example, rather than choosing ‘space’, they were told they could choose to research the solar system, space exploration or the JSW telescope; rather than choosing ‘birds’, they could choose to research into how birds fly, how birds of prey hunt or how homing pigeons get back to where they started.

At Worth, we try to make learning engaging as well as challenging. The Independent Learning Project is one example of how we do this.

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