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Representing Worth superbly

Wed, Nov 30th, 2022
Worth School

Well done to eight pupils from Years 7 and 11 who performed superbly when representing Worth at a Model United Nations (MUN) conference last Saturday, with one being awarded ‘Highly Commended Delegate’.

MUN conferences are a simulation of the United Nations for pupils in schools and higher education. They provide a great opportunity to develop research skills and public speaking abilities.

Worth regularly sends teams to these conferences, with the latest being at Lingfield College. Each school is told which countries they will represent on the day and for Worth it was China and Japan.

During crisis talks regarding the USA’s influence in Venezuela, the delegation of Japan introduced an amendment advocating peace through the means of diplomatic talks between the USA, Russia and China. The delegation of China then introduced an amendment to form a military alliance between socialist Asian countries and sympathisers. Although these amendments did not get a majority vote, they both received high support from the other delegations.

Meanwhile, Coco, representing China in UNESCO, was awarded ‘Highly Commended Delegate’ for discussions about returning artefacts to their countries of origins.

The Model United Nations is open to all pupils at Worth and takes place every Thursday afternoon as part of the co-curricular programme, with conferences taking place at weekends.

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