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Quality of pupils' work praised

Wed, Mar 24th, 2021
Worth School

“Our pupils have been incredibly resilient and resourceful with their studies and learning.” Those are the words of Head of Photography Mr John Everest reflecting on a term when our pupils have continued to produce some wonderful pieces of work.

The School’s Photo of the Week competition has been running throughout the Lent Term. The idea of the competition is to showcase the talents of our student photographers and this week the eight winning images this term have been put forward for a ‘Winners Poll’. Those images can be seen here and you can vote for your favourite via Worth School’s Facebook page.

Photography is offered at Worth as both a GCSE and Sixth Form option, as well as through co-curricular clubs.

Reflecting on the work of students during the current term, much of which was spent in lockdown before the re-opening of the School in March, Mr Everest said: “As we moved into another sustained period of remote learning in January, Photo of the Week gave a platform for students to share their observations and creativity with one another, whilst at home. We might have been teaching and studying many miles apart from one another, but 1,467 votes made across eight rounds might suggest that in some small way, our windows and doors were well and truly open to one other.

“Our pupils have been incredibly resilient and resourceful with their studies and learning. Pupils may not have had all the equipment and desirable subject matter freely at their disposal this term, but they have shown sharp observation skills and found ways to take images of items that we tend to overlook or have not seen before in such a way. Their creativity and at times innovation will have no doubt shown themselves and displayed to us, a way out of limitations and restriction.”

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