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Pupils shine at MUN conference

Mon, Oct 10th, 2022
Worth School

Worth pupils performed superbly at the recent Model United Nations (MUN) conference at Reigate Grammar School, with two receiving awards for how they conducted themselves.

MUN conferences are a simulation of the United Nations for pupils in schools and higher education. They provide a great opportunity to develop research skills and public speaking abilities.

Worth sent a team of 12 pupils to the ReiMUN where they represented Palestine and Gabon.

Year 13 pupil Seva reflected on the experience:

“This has been a beneficial experience that encouraged public speaking and social interaction. We began by lobbying and proposing our resolutions to other member states. We then continued with speech statements allowing each country to give a speech on their position regarding the topic and moved on to actual discussions within the conference.

“Our team established their positions on various topics and argued those positions on behalf of Palestine or Gabon with other fellow delegates from other schools. Not only was the environment suitable for replicating an actual UN Conference, it also allowed for the interaction between other delegations with which we became friends and who supported us in debates and discussions.

“This event was a huge opportunity to take our skills within the classroom to an actual conference. This proudly resulted in two of our team members, Theo and Olivia, receiving the Highly Commended award for Gabon and Palestine respectively.

“Overall, this was a great opportunity to gain experience in public speaking as well as the art and craft of diplomacy.”

The Model United Nations is open to all pupils at Worth and takes place every Thursday afternoon as part of the co-curricular programme.

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