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Pupil can inspire others through umpiring

Fri, Dec 15th, 2023
Worth School

On a night of celebration as Worth staged a charity hockey match at the end of November, one performance on the pitch particularly caught the eye.

The team of Sixth Form students ran out 6-5 winners in a riveting contest against a staff side featuring Head of Hockey and double Olympian Mr Calum Giles, but the performance in question came from a Year 10 pupil who was one of the two umpires on the evening.

William Wren was officiating alongside his father Nicholas, but his stint with the whistle was not a one-off to help out on a big night for the School. As well as playing club and school hockey, William extends his love of the sport by umpiring regularly at weekends for his club side Woking Hockey Club.

From starting out umpiring in junior matches, William now takes charge of adult games on a regular basis. It is unusual for someone of his age to do this, but inspiring at the same time.

William said: “It all started off going to our club with my dad, watching him umpire from a young age and thinking I could be like that. As I got older, I thought I know the sport, I know the rules and so I felt I had something to offer.

“Also, when I was younger, when my sister was playing, there were two umpires and there was someone my age or maybe slightly older. I saw him and thought if there was a boy like that doing it for the 1s match, which is quite a professional standard, then maybe I can do it.

“I started off doing junior games and now I am doing men’s games. I can put my name forward and if they need me to umpire, they will let me know. I enjoy it very much. I like getting to know more people by umpiring and I also like the responsibility of taking control. It also helps my own game because when I am playing I find myself processing decisions and understanding the different outcomes from them.

William, who plays for the U16s and men’s fourths at Woking, would encourage other young people to get involved with umpiring. He said: “I would say to anyone else, if they think that is what they want to do, then they should definitely go for it. You get to know more people and there is the opportunity to progress to a higher stand. There is also always support around you to help you.”

Mr Giles, who took over as Head of Hockey at Worth at the start of the current academic year, has been encouraging towards William, both in playing terms and umpiring. William said: “Mr Giles has been very nice towards what I have done. He has seen me more in playing terms and says I have done really well. He hasn’t seen much of my umpiring but now having umpired the charity hockey match I may have the opportunity to do more umpiring at school.”

Commenting on William’s umpiring performance in the charity hockey match, Mr Giles said: “It was lovely that he was umpiring with his dad - exactly the best of sport and why we should all play. He was extremely good, like really good. I was really impressed with him.”

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