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Preparing Year 13 students for the next step

Thu, May 27th, 2021
Worth School

Year 13 students have this week been preparing for university and life beyond Worth by attending a three-day ‘Moving On’ event in the Whitehead Room.

Organised by Ms Brookfield and Dr Pring and with an over-arching theme of ‘Keeping Connected’, this event was geared to encouraging our students to prepare for all aspects of life once they leave the School. We were delighted to welcome Bella Blowey (St Mary’s, 2017) back to Worth to talk about her experiences at King’s College London, where she is completing a degree in Global Health and Social Medicine. She spoke eloquently about her own journey and offered some valuable advice about how to survive and thrive at university.

Worth staff also made a significant contribution in the ‘Talking Heads’ sessions, where 10 members of the school community talked about their professional experiences prior to Worth.

A major highlight was the session on Mental Health, delivered by Jenni Cole and Ase Greenacre, MRT Consultants, who looked at strategies for managing stress and building resilience, as well as introducing some basic CBT to encourage positive thinking. Alina Burlacu, from AB Growth Solutions, spoke about financial planning, managing a budget and the importance of good credit scores for future success. Lucy Walker, from the University of Surrey, delivered guidance on how to make use of the Careers Department at university. Emma Hickmott spoke on ‘Living Well Away from Home’, a talk that was complemented by a ‘Dine on a Dime’ lunch, where Gerhard Bailey demonstrated that great food does not cost a fortune. The event culminated with Mary Lou Burge’s invitation to all Year 13 students to join the Worth Society, the network of alumni that offers superb opportunities for professional networking to all its members.

Pictured is former Worth student Bella Blowey, who was one of the speakers.