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Prefects offer guidance and support

Tue, Sep 26th, 2023
Worth School

Prefects play an important role in the daily life at Worth, representing the School in a variety of ways, but also proving to be beacons of guidance and support for fellow students.

In assembly last week, the School’s senior prefects spoke about their roles, describing how they offer a voice to the student body and how through leadership they can help shape the journey of students through the School.

Deputy Head Girl Jessica told fellow students: “Think of us as a voice for the whole student body. We lead by example, engaging with everyone regardless of age or year and we have a firm belief in positive attitudes for the way forward.

“Whether it be sport, music, drama or academia, we are all here to share our personal experiences we have gained at Worth, because it is not just about what we contribute to school personally, it’s about how we use these experiences to shape and encourage others to get involved in as much as they can.

“Interaction with older pupils is an essential factor that shapes your view of school as a whole and prefects are there to facilitate that journey.

“As each and every one of you are the future of this school, it is important that your opinions and ideas are valued and heard so we can all grow and learn together. We as prefects are here to nurture that growth.”

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