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Plenty of smiles to start term

Fri, Sep 8th, 2023
Worth School

There were smiles aplenty this week as a new school year began in Worth’s traditional way with Worth Week.

The idea of Worth Week is to provide an opportunity for pupils to ease into the new academic year, to have fun, to make new friends, renew old friendships and to celebrate the community of the School.

In the Head Maser’s welcome back assembly on Wednesday, Mr Stuart McPherson told all pupils: “The transition from holiday to term time is a big challenge. The way we manage that in this school is with Worth Week. It has a number of intentions and one of them is to create that transition for you and for us; that move away from holidays into work.

“In other schools, today might be the first day of lessons, you would have your uniforms on, you would be finding your way around the campus, you would be meeting your teachers, perhaps people you haven’t met before, you would be given work to do and you would be told that it all starts today and there isn’t any time to waste. We think it is more important to refresh that sense of being at work over the course of a couple of days and remember that hard work and being at school is only one of the things a school is for. Your friendships are one of the major, important aspects of school life. I am confident when you leave the school, you will leave with lifelong friendships, friendships of real depth and quality and Worth Week is an opportunity to remember that you have friends, to find new friends, to build relationships.”

Worth Week included retro sports, icebreakers, values walks and games.

Here are some pictures from retro sports. Have some fun and count the smiles!

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