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The Chaplaincy strongly encourages students to commit to a summer pilgrimage.

These are great opportunities to significantly deepen faith and connect with God in powerful and different ways.


We encourage students to go to Lourdes with the Order of Malta Volunteers or the Arundel and Brighton diocesan pilgrimage. Lourdes is a place of pilgrimage in southern France which sees an estimated eight million pilgrims arrive each year. Many of these pilgrims are sick and disabled, We encourage our students to go as volunteers who aid these sick and disabled people in making their pilgrimage and also as pilgrims themselves coming to meet Christ.


The School has run trips to the ecumenical monastic centre at Taizé. 


Worth Abbey Parish has a connection with the parish of Irundu in Uganda. A group of Worth students has been to spend time with the parish community in Irundu. They offered their service in physical labour, such as painting classrooms, and helping in an educational capacity by demonstrating how to conduct physics experiments and by delivering lessons in a fun and interactive way.

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