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Physicists show investigative skills

Wed, Jun 19th, 2024
Worth School

Year 12 IB Physics students have been carrying out independent investigations on a variety of topics for their personal Internal Assessment.

Students are required to complete this assessment as part of their course and each is asked to select an aspect of the topics covered so far that they would like to pursue more deeply. They are encouraged to develop some personal input in the way they carry out the experiment.

Then, through observations and data collection from their investigation, the students produce an independent investigation report of 6-12 pages in length. The entire process is ultimately about identifying a physical system and the related physical quantities. Using their knowledge of physics, they derive a theoretical relationship and design an experiment to test the relationship.

Once this process is achieved, they will analyse collected results and draw a conclusion, before evaluating their method and discuss findings along with any problems encountered.

Well done to all students for the work they have done.

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