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Worth School

Friends of Worth is the School’s parent association.

Community and parental involvement are an integral part of school life here at Worth. The Friends of Worth plays a vital role in creating that community spirit by providing the opportunities for parents, students, teachers and the monastic community to come together and create that special environment that makes Worth so unique. It is not just the children who forge enduring friendships during their time at Worth School; this is a benefit enjoyed by their parents too.

In any school year, Friends of Worth lays on more than 20 different social events at House level, which have included activities such as a dog walk around the Worth estate, a talent evening, a quiz, curry night and many more besides.

In addition to the House events, Friends of Worth organises many and various whole school events all of which help to provide funds to purchase extras for the School which enhance the life of the pupils. Over recent years, the Friends of Worth has provided funds to equip the Robertson Fitness Suite, refurbish the Oval Pavilion adjacent to the Astropitch and to purchase hi-tech lighting for the Drama department and a cryogenic liquid nitrogen dewar for the Science department.

New parents are welcomed into the Worth community by becoming a member of the Friends of Worth. The member subscription is collected via the termly bill at a fee of £20 a term, per family, unless opting out.

How to contact Friends of Worth

Please feel free to contact Natalie McHugh and Hannah Musgrave (co-chair) at fow@worth.org.uk with any questions or suggestions.

Parents' Associaiton
Parents' Association