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Parenting expert to talk at Worth

Wed, Apr 17th, 2024
Worth School

Parenting expert Alicia Drummond is coming to Worth to deliver what promises to be a highly informative talk to current parents as part of our extended PSHE/RSE programme.

Alicia, who is from The Wellbeing Hub, will be talking in the Whitehead Room Worth on Monday 20 May, from 6.30pm, and we are hoping as many current parents as possible will join us.

An accredited therapist, expert on parenting matters and sought after keynote speaker, Alicia is also a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for a Fit and Healthy Childhood, author and a mother. She is regularly sought for her expert opinion by the media including the BBC.

Having worked with schools across the UK for more than a decade delivering webinars, talks and workshops to parents, carers, staff and pupils, in 2020 Alicia created The Wellbeing Hub, which provides support and guidance on wellbeing matters. Worth has joined The Wellbeing Hub for the 2024-25 academic year and all current parents are able to access the resources available.

Based on her book ‘Why Every Teenager Needs A Parrot’, this talk explores the developmental drive of adolescence and how it impacts parent/child relationships and child behaviour. The talk will discuss how parenting roles and approaches may need to be adapted, in order to help young people manage risk and avoid harm. Alicia will also talk about a range of sensitive subjects that young people may encounter.

This talk is only available on this occasion to current parents who are asked to email Mr Joe Huntley at pshe@worth.org.uk to confirm attendance.

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