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New targets for a new year

Wed, Sep 6th, 2023
Worth School

Students were challenged to set achievable goals for themselves in their studies and general life as a new academic year began at Worth.

The Autumn Term got underway this morning with new faces, record numbers, exciting developments and a first full year at the academic helm for our Deputy Head Academic, Dr Daniel Coughlan, who joined us at Easter.

In assembly this morning Head Master Mr Stuart McPherson spoke to students about the year ahead, which begins with ‘Worth Week’ – our traditional start to each year, offering an opportunity to have fun, to make new friends and renew old friendships before settling into the focus of academic studies.

Mr McPherson told students: “I want you to consider what your objectives are for this year; what are they in academic terms but also all other areas of your school endeavour. What are your expectations of yourself this year? If you write those down it might also be accompanied by some idea of how you are going to achieve them. Everybody needs to have this plan.

“It can also include fun, friendship, joy, all those things, but I want it to be practical as well. You can write it down as a kind of contract to yourself and then review it later in the year, perhaps at the end of term. Have you achieved these things?”

Mr McPherson wished all students a successful and enjoyable year ahead.

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