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Meet our Identity editors

Wed, Mar 20th, 2024
Worth School

Congratulations to these students who are this year’s Identity editors.

Identity is the student-led magazine which has been running since April 1996 and last year celebrated its 50th edition. Through insightful articles, essays and artwork, the magazine has given voice to generations of young writers, exploring the issues that matter most to them.

It has always offered an eclectic mix of articles. The next edition will be on sale on Speech Day and some articles to look out for this year are: Women and the Homeric World; Remembering the Windrush Generation; Debating at Worth; and Consequences of the Orphan Drug 40 years on. We hope you will support them by buying a copy on Speech Day.

It has always been an honour to be named one of the editors of this magazine. Well done to these three students and to all involved in this year’s production team.

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