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Meet the Forerunners: Amahlia Parkinson

Mon, Nov 22nd, 2021
Worth School

From attending a Christian boarding school, to teacher training and interning at a church in Brighton, Amahlia Parkinson has had a range of formational experiences that have equipped her to help our pupils at Worth as they progress throughout the school. 

Amahlia is the newest member in our team of five Forerunners at Worth. The Forerunners work within the Chaplaincy and are a community of young adults who provide vibrant and engaging youth ministry to our pupils.

Having spent her childhood moving around in a military family, Amahlia attended Kingham Hill, a Christian boarding school in the Cotswolds. She said: “We had pastoral assistants at my school who were similar in their role to the Forerunners here at Worth. I know how important to me they were pastorally during my time at school, especially living in a boarding house and away from my family, and how central they were in helping to develop my faith. They were like a bridge between the teaching staff and students. Experiencing how a similar role works at school and the positive impact it can have on students was a large part of why I wanted to work with the Chaplaincy team here at Worth.” 

After school, Amahlia went on to train as a primary school teacher at the University of Reading and had various placements, including six weeks working at an international school in Uganda. Following the end of her degree, she did a year’s internship at St Peter’s Church in Brighton, running services and working with a food bank supporting the local community. Her time at university and working directly in a church context gave her a heart to combine the two and help students develop their character and faith at Worth. 

Amahlia believes that understanding the needs of the pupils at Worth is vital in her role as a Forerunner. She said: “So many of my experiences have shaped me. For me, being able to relate to what the children in the school need is fundamental to our role here, and a key part of that is for the students to know that we are always there for them as someone to talk to and encourage them in their faith.”

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