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Worth School

24-hour-a-day health care.

Medical Centre

The School has an excellent medical facility with a qualified nurse on duty 24 hours a day during term time. Surgeries are held five times a day for routine treatment, and the school doctor visits at least twice a week. If pupils are unwell, suffer an injury or need to talk, they are encouraged to visit the nurses at any time and we stress that they do not need to wait for the next surgery.

Parents or guardians and Housemasters/Housemistresses are informed immediately of any accidents, or if a pupil has been admitted to the Medical Centre for an extended period.

The Medical Centre is located on the quad in front of main reception and the email address is sister@worth.org.uk. The telephone number is 01342 710245. Cuckfield Medical Practice provides the medical care for boarding pupils at Worth. Appointments can also be made at the practice if required outside of these times.

Counselling service

Worth has a number of channels in place to support pupils in their learning and general wellbeing. When pupils encounter problems, they can consult teachers, their tutor and Housemaster or Housemistress. There is also a strong Chaplaincy team, all of whom are there to listen to pupils and offer advice if appropriate. Further support is offered by the medical staff.

There may come a time, however, when a pupil would like to speak in confidence to someone who is not part of the School establishment. This is why we offer the expertise of a School Counsellor, who can be contacted throughout the week.

Referrals can be made by the Housemaster/Housemistress or pupils may contact the School Counsellor directly by email. Pupils can access three confidential counselling sessions for free and that is often all that is needed. However, if further therapy is required a charge will be applied.